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Thank you to everyone involved over the three years for their support especially our cast & crew for all their hard work.

About Us

Rachael and Kate
Rachael and Kate getting a performer ready before the Lion’s Carnival 2002

The Bridlington Buttercups was originally created in 2001 by two Bridlington teenagers. Kate and Rachael worked together to research, write, direct and organise this modernised Pierrot show as part of our Platinum Youth Achievement Award which allowed us to take a leadership role in activities. We worked towards the Award from November 2001 and received it in December 2002.

Kate went on to read BA (Hons.) History at the University of Hull and Rachael attended Queen Margaret University College in Edinburgh completing BA (Hons.) in Drama and Theatre Arts.

Why Pierrots?

The Bridlington Buttercups were a modernised Pierrot Troupe based on those which disappeared just before the Second World War. Pierrots dressed in black and white costumes and entertained audiences of holiday makers and residents alike on the beaches of Bridlington and other seaside resorts.

The Youth Achievement Award

The Youth Achievement Award scheme is nationally accredited by ASDAN and Youth Clubs UK and is open to anyone aged 14 and over through youth centres. The awards start at Bronze, which is for taking part in activities and the highest is the Platinum award. For each of them you have to plan and execute a number of challenges (four for Bronze; up to 8 for Platinum) and for each of the challenges you set yourself four targets. We completed all the Awards by the end of 2002. (We were the first two in the former Humberside region to complete the Gold and Platinum awards.)

A sandstone carving of a group of Pierrots.
It is located near the Amphitheatre on the North side promenade where we performed.

Migrant Youth Theatre

All our cast were members of Migrant Youth Theatre. The Theatre group met weekly at Bridlington Youth Centre, Headlands School, Sewerby Road and welcomed anyone between the ages of 9 and 16. Some of the group also met on a Sunday afternoon to rehearse plays for the festivals we took part in throughout the year.