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Thank you to everyone involved over the three years for their support especially our cast & crew for all their hard work.


The cast of 2004

The Bridlington Buttercups were a modernised Pierrot Troupe based on those which disappeared just before the Second World War. Pierrots dressed in black and white costumes and entertained audiences of holiday makers and residents alike on the beaches of Bridlington and other seaside resorts. They performed a mixture of songs, dances, sketches, monologues and jokes throughout the summer months.

The Bridlington Buttercups Pierrots performed in Bridlington, East Yorkshire in the summers of 2002, 2003 and 2004.

About Us

All the cast of the Bridlington Buttercups were members of Migrant Youth Theatre.

More details about us.

These modernised Pierrot shows were researched, written, directed and produced by two Bridlington teenagers, initially as part of their Platinum Youth Achievement Award in 2002 . See our Behind the Scenes page.

Please see our Guestbook.

A huge thank you to...

Rachael and Kate
Rachael and Kate getting a performer ready before the Lion’s Carnival
  • Chris Darling for the original idea and all the help.
  • All those who contacted us through the local newspapers.
  • Steven and Sarah for choreographing the dances.
  • Jean Armitage and Shirley Drew for the production of the amazing costumes.
  • Alan and Andrew Armitage for their wonderful camera skills (video and stills).
  • And to Andrew for creating this website.
  • Our and our cast’s families.
  • AND our amazing casts... without their natural talent none of this would have been possible.
  • and last but by no means least you, our audience.

Kate & Rachael xx